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Solar Roofs in Ventura County; Expertly Installed by Wicks!

Solar Roofs installed by Wicks Roofing professionals are in high demand throughout Ventura County! The strength of these tiles is likely one reason why customers choose Solar Roof tiles for their projects. The fact is, they are more than three times as strong as standard roofing tiles! Wicks Roofing Solar Roof projects can be counted on for protection in even the harshest elements. That’s why these roofs come with a 25-year warranty; they will protect your home, or business, for literally decades. Solar Roofs last longer than an average roof due to the strength and durability of the tiles. And, of course, because Solar Roofs are designed to produce energy, they eventually pay for themselves! No other roof can do that. No national power provider can compete with energy costs supplied by the power generated by these roofs. This will become clear when your electric bills arrive and the savings accumulate.  So while Solar Roofs may initially seem a more expensive option, they can be viewed more as an investment. These beautiful roofs are built to last, and are constructed to be a total roof replacement for your home, or business. Contact Wicks today, Ventura, to discuss Solar Roofs, including financing options for your project.

Solar Roofs by Tesla; High-tech workmanship by Wicks!

Wicks is proud to be a Certified Tesla Roof installation company. We are among the first in Ventura, and along the entire central coast, to offer installation of these ultra-modern, state-of-the-art projects. Our team of experts will install a fully integrated solar and storage system. The beautiful Tesla Roof is made of highly durable tempered glass. Solar roofs can only enhance the overall appearance of any home or business. Solar roofs by Tesla have a unique look that has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated! And, of course, as we have come to expect from Tesla’s products, it’s breaking new ground when it comes to the norms of energy production. The Solar Roof’s appearance resembles a “glass slate” roof. They have sharp and clean lines with low reveals. The solar glass appears to blend in with the rest of the solar roof, making it unique compared to other roofs available. When it comes to price, we would be happy to provide a quote and financing options! (The general cost is competitive with Standing Seam Metal roofing, which Wicks also installs.) This premium product requires a cohesive collaboration between our roofing team, solar team, and certified electricians. Wicks does foresee a future where the roofing industry makes the change to solar, and energy supplied by the sun. Contact Wicks Solar Roofing department now to get more info on the latest solar roof options we have to offer!


Our Ventura County Solar Roofing Project Highlights

Value Proposition

Delivering Value to the Tri-Counties

Wicks Roofing and Solar’s roofing contractors are trusted industry experts able to provide their clients with true knowledge, and in-turn the confidence to feel comfortable making decisions about their projects. Wicks believes that empowering clients to make educated decisions leads to better business. We pride ourselves on having our sales staff fully versed on electrical connections, utility requirements, in addition to product selections.

Wicks Roofing and Solar Value Statement

High Quality Workmanship – Wicks Solar Roof installation crew is a team consisting of highly skilled roofers, meticulous supervisors, and project managers who are dedicated to ensuring your solar roofing project goes smoothly. At Wicks Roofing and Solar, our philosophy is that client satisfaction is priority number one.

Warranty – Any workmanship warranty is only as good as the company honoring it. Our Solar Roof installers are part of a business that has been around since 1985, and Wicks Roofing and Solar will be in business for many years to come. Our warranty is ironclad, and in the unlikely event of a product failure, we will be there to negotiate with the manufacturers.

Customer Support – Wicks Solar Roof installers understand the importance of excellent customer support! To reinforce our commitment to our customers, we have developed a custom App that provides Wicks Roofing and Solar customers with around-the-clock insight into the status of your project! You can also login to your customer portal here on our website. When you need to talk to someone, call us at 805 965-5122.

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