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About Wicks Roofing, Inc. and Wicks Solar, Inc

When your project requires a team of experts at the ready, Wicks Roofing, Inc. is the company Ventura County can count on to provide professional and knowledgeable crews to get the job done right! Our entire staff knows the key to a successful and long lasting roofing project is teamwork. Wicks is confident we can provide all the necessary components to accomplish what needs to be done. Each department, from sales and estimating, to project managers and field staff, have the tools of the trade to keep your project running smoothly; on time and on budget!

Wick’s Vision Statement

Our vision for the future is a Central Coast California community made with structures that are better protected, last longer, more energy efficient and more solar empowered than anywhere else in the world.

Wick’s Mission

Our mission is to be the most trusted roofing and solar company in Ventura, and the entire central coast. We will continue to provide industry expert consulting, trusted products, and top quality workmanship to our community. We strive to provide an enjoyable company culture for the hard working individuals of our organization to prosper. Offering opportunities to earn well-fulfilled careers is exchanged for integrity within our employees, which ultimately equates to a high quality product. And, at the end of the day, that is what we stand by. Providing Integrity, Quality, and Opportunity to our community. (Since 1985)

Providing roofing and solar solutions to the tri-counties since 1985.

Wicks Roofing has over 80 years of combined years of roofing experience serving the entire California central coast, as well as adjoining cities. From the very beginning, Wicks Roofing, Inc. has been devoted to upgrading the quality of the roofing industry with a high-technology approach. Besides roofing and waterproofing, we are in demand as consultants on many projects. We are always standing by should our customers have any questions regarding their projects, and we are committed to keep them well-informed as their project progresses. Give us a call, or contact us today to arrange an estimate for any roofing or solar project to meet your needs.

President of Wicks Roofing and Solar

Justin Wickersham

Wicks Roofing has over 80 years of combined years of roofing experience on the central coast and adjoining cities. Wicks Roofing, Inc has been devoted to upgrading the quality of the roofing industry, with a high-technology approach. Besides just roofing and waterproofing, we are in demand as consultants on many projects. We keep the customer well informed and answer any questions that they may have.
In 2006 Justin got married to his Beautiful, courageous, and supportive Wife Alyssa Emard (Wickersham). They have 3 sons, Logan, Brixton and Dylan.
By 2014 Justin became CEO of Wicks Roofing Inc. and Starting the Transition of fully stepping in for his Dad and Dennis Rademacher. Growing his company year after year. Justin saw the advancements of the solar industry and saw great potential in blending the solar and roofing offerings.
In 2017 A partnership was formed with Garrett and Jared to officially create Wicks Solar Inc. which offers solar throughout California and has expanded Roofing operations from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles Counties.
Justin is a true family man and would rather be nowhere other than coaching his kids football games or riding ATVS with them. He loves vacationing with his wife and spending late nights talking when the kids go to sleep. Justin is naturally a great conversationalist and down to earth person which has helped in his success in all aspects of his life.
Justin Wickersham
Born in a hard-working blue collar family in Philadelphia with an entrepreneur’s heart, Jared started his first company, a landscape service company at the age of 15, he offered tree removal and firewood delivery services to his surrounding neighbors. His work ethic, skill and ability to partner with home owners won the attention of his customers and in no time Jared was filling up his calendar with larger projects. By the time Jared Bobb was 20 his landscaping service business grew to include trucks, commercial mowers, wood splitters and his two older brothers. Jared then went to State University of Pennsylvania and where he received his bachelors degree in Economics. After moving to California and working within the Electrical and Solar trade he formed a partnership with Justin to develop and scale the Solar business and expand the roofing market to and past Santa Barbara. Jared enjoys spending his time on the water surfing and boating and you can also find him in the mountains riding and camping.
Jared Bobb

CEO of Wicks Roofing and Solar

Jared Bobb

Wicks Roofing and Solar COO

Garrett Gunning

Garrett Gunning COO: Garrett was born in Santa Ynez Ca, with deep roots in the community. His Father is a retired Biology teacher and local Pirates football coach of the local Santa Ynez Valley Union High School. His Mother the local grocer from the towns beloved Nielson’s Market. Garrett grew up surfing, and playing baseball.
Garrett made his way through University of California Santa Cruz with high class rankings in Environmental Science. He quickly fell into the field of Roofing and Solar by learning AutoCAD, assisting in designing electrical plans, to running a solar engineering and design company before partnering with Wicks Roofing in 2016. Garrett effectively acts as the sitting Chief Operating Officer with a keen eye for detail.
Garrett is a HUGE fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and rarely misses a game. On the weekends and off-time you’ll find Garrett BBQing with friends and family, watching the Dodgers, taking his dog Gracey on hikes, and living the Santa Ynez valley life.
Garrett Gunning

Team Members

Ryan Rae

General Manager

Chuck Hunt

Santa Barbara Roofing Operations Manager

Randy Dahl

Sr. Roofing Project Manager

Tono Orozco Velasquez

Santa Barbara Production Manager

Seth Pearson

Senior Solar Sales Consultant

Daniel Torres

Installation Manager

Founded in 1985

Wick’s Core Values


Wick’s employees are expected to always be honest, reliable and skilled in their craft and communication to assure our team mates and customers the work we do leads to meaningful life-long partnerships.


Wick’s employees are expected to always assume responsibility for achieving positive outcomes for our customers’ by establishing clear expectations, accurately tracking work progress and diligently managing projects to assure our schedules and budget expectations are consistently met without sacrificing quality and safety.


Wick’s employees are expected to add value to overall business wide excellence by systematically improving upon incremental measurable objectives in their area of responsibility.


Wick’s employees are expected to maintain their dedication to their trade by staying on top of industry trends in technology, materials and seamless systems integrations.

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